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Social events coming up

The Annual Players' Award Night takes place at the Clubhouse on Saturday 17th September, from around 7pm.  Please sign up at the Club or contact Tim Soper on Facebook.

The Club Dinner Dance takes place at Hartley Wintney Golf Club on Saturday 15th October.

More details to follow, but do save the dates!

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

This week HWCC took on the rain... ...and we got a draw.  Both the 1st & 2nd Saturday XI matches were abandoned.  But on the plus side, the Sean Ervine Hampshire match did get completed, and there were two wins for the other senior sides.

Saturday 3rd XI vs Longparish 3rd XI [3rd/17]
Hartley win by 228 runs

Sunday 2nd XI vs Theale & Tilehurst XI [Friendly]
Hartley win by 40 runs - Hartley 209-7 off 44 overs, Theale 169-10 off 33.3 overs.
Andrew Davies 47, Clint Mogridge 39.  Wickets evenly spread over the bowlers.

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

Saturday 1st XI vs Bashley (Rydal) [7th/10]
Hartley overs win by 81 runs - Hartley 237-9 off 50 overs, Bashley 156-10 off 42.4 overs.
Matthew Kerr 56, Will Ross 49 & 2-9 off 3.4 overs.

Saturday 2nd XI vs Hook & Newnham Basics 3rd XI [6th/18]
Hartley win by 187 runs - Hartley 318-4 off 45 overs, Hook 131-10 off 33.3 overs.
Rex Porter 119*, William Kerr 139.  Dan Reynaldo 4-57 off 9 overs.

Saturday 3rd XI vs Sparsholt 3rd XI [3rd/17]
Hartley win by 86 runs - Sparsholt 131-7, Hartley 217-5.

Sunday 2nd XI vs Old Isleworthians & Heston [Friendly]
Hartley win by 122 runs - Hartley 247-7 off 38 overs, Old Isleworthians 125-8 off 31.3 overs.
Mark Boston 101, Daniel Bowles 58* (ret).  Thomas Kirkpatrick 3-6 off 4 overs.

HWCC vs Hampshire County XI T20 Friday 19th August 2.30pm in support of Sean Irvine's Benefit Year

HWCC Benefit Match 2016

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

Saturday 1st XI vs Paultons 1st XI [7th/10]
Hartley loss by 53 runs - Paultons 186-10 off 41 overs, Hartley 239-10 off 28.1 overs.
Daniel Plume 75.

Saturday 2nd XI vs South Wilts 3rd XI [7th/18]
Hartley loss by 56 runs.

Saturday 3rd XI vs Thruxton 1st XI [5th/17]
Hartley win by 7 wickets.

Sunday 2nd XI vs Warfield Sunday XI [Friendly]
Hartley loss by 8 runs - Warfield 170-10 off 41 overs, Hartley 170-10 off 34.2 overs.
Daniel Bowles 40.

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

Saturday 1st XI vs Trojans 1st XI [7/10]
Hartley loss by 9 wickets - Hartley 191-10 off 50 overs, Trojans 194-1 off 37.2 overs.

Saturday 2nd XI vs East Woodhay 1st XI [6/18]
Hartley win by 65 runs - Hartley 232-7 off 45 overs, East Woodhay 167-9 off 45 overs.
Rex Porter 56, Darren McBride 56, Matthew Rudd 52*.  Dan Reynaldo 3-21 off 10 overs, Thomas Millward 3-43  off 10 overs.

Saturday 3rd XI vs Hungerford 2nd XI [6/17]
Hartley loss by 69 runs - Hungerford 200-10, Hartley 131-10.

Sunday 2nd XI vs Pyestock XI [Friendly]
Hartley loss by 9 runs - Pyestock 198-10 off 38.4 overs, Hartley 189-8 off 40 overs.
Matthew Brown 56, Clinton Mogridge 34, Rajeev Nair 28 & 2-12 off 4 overs, Maz Toor 4-35 off 7.4 overs, Matt Ellis 3-59 off 8 overs.

U15A vs Hook & Newnham Basics U15A
Hartley win by 6 wickets - Hook 105-5 off 20 overs, Hartley 108-4 off 15 overs.

U13A vs Hook & Newnham Basics U13A
Hartley loss by 8 wickets - Hook 117-2 off 18 overs, Hartley 114-7 off 20 overs.
Harry Broderick 30* ret.

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

Saturday 1st XI vs Hambledon 1st XI [7/10]
Hartley loss by 5 wickets - Hartley 334-9 off 50 overs, Hambledon 338-5 off 49 overs.
Thomas Garwood 115 & 3-64 off 10 overs, Jonathan Rowland 63.

Saturday 2nd XI vs Overton 1st XI [8/18]
Hartley win

Sunday 2nd XI vs Farley Hill Sun XI [Friendly]
Hartley win by 4 wickets - Farley 194-10 off 39.3 overs, Hartley 198-6 off 39.2 overs.  Guy Cartwright 5-32 off 7.3 overs & 25*, Damian Keep 55, Dan Bowles 24*.

U15A vs Rowledge U15
Hartley win by 10 wickets - Rowledge 88-7 off 20 overs, Hartley 89-0 off 11 overs.
Matthew Rudd 50* ret.

U13A vs Hook & Newnham Basics U13A
Hartley loss by 4 wickets - Hartley 111-8 off 14.1 overs, Hook 112-4 off 11.1 overs.
Oliver Kirkpatrick 31* ret.

U13B vs Eversley U13C
Hartley win by 8 wickets - Eversley 101-5 off 20 overs, Hartley 102-2 off 12.4 overs.

U9A vs Hook & Newnham Basics U9A
Hartley win by 1 run - Hook 279-16 off 16 overs, Hartley 280-6 off 16 overs.
William Ewbank 3-2 off 2 overs, Ollie Sharpe 3-7 off 2 overs.  Oliver Steer 20, Oliver Rowland 22.

U9A vs Eversley U9A
Hartley win.

Tri-Team T20 Tournament @HWCC Sunday 24th July

The Club is very excited to be hosting the Hampshire and Essex D40 Disability cricket teams in a tri-team tournament against an HWCC U21 Development Squad team this coming Sunday on the Green.

The first match begins at 9.30am.  For full details including match times and how to get a bacon roll, please click here.

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

Saturday 1st XI vs Calmore Sports 1st XI [7/10]
Hartley loss by 68 runs - Calmore 236-6 off 50 overs, Hartley 168-10 off 46.5 overs.

Saturday 2nd XI vs Liphook & Ripsley 2nd XI [9/18]
Hartley win by 158 runs - Hartley 292-3 off 45 overs, Liphook 134-9 off 29.1 overs.
Jonathan Rowland 164*, Matthew Rudd 60*.  Dan Reynaldo 4-36 off 7 overs.

Saturday 3rd XI [5/17]
Hartley loss

Sunday 2nd XI vs Stoke Green 2nd XI ["Friendly"]
Hartley loss by 13 runs - Stoke Green 135-10 off 35.2 overs, Hartley 122-10 off 36.4 overs.
Mark Boston 5-19 off 6 overs.  Damian Keep 47.

U15B vs Alton U15B
Hartley loss by 55 runs - Alton 123-6 off 20 overs, Hartley 68-10 off 12.5 overs.

U14 Girls vs Aldershot U14
Hartley loss by 5 runs - Aldershot 107-7 off 19.3 overs, Hartley 102-7 off 16 overs.

U13A vs Odiham & Greywell U13A
Hartley win by 46 runs - Hartley 148-7 off 18.3 overs, Odiham 102-6 off 20 overs.

U13B vs Oakley U13
Hartley loss by 10 runs - Oakley 108-5 off 20 overs, Hartley 98-9 off 20 overs.

U11A vs Basingstoke U11B
Hartley loss by 13 runs - Basingstoke 82-2 off 20 overs, Hartley 69-10 off 17.5 overs.

U9A vs Farnham U9
Hartley loss by 54 runs.

U9A vs Farnham U9
Hartley loss by 54 runs.

U9B vs Aldershot U9A
Hartley loss by 108 runs.

U9B vs Basingstoke U9B
Hartley loss by 48 runs.

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

Saturday 1st XI vs South Wilts 2nd XI [SPCL Div 2; 7/10]
Hartley overs win by 3 runs - Hartley 286-7 off 50 overs, South Wilts 283-9 off 50 overs.
Daniel Plume 127, Patrick Joseph 42. Thomas Garwood 5-39 off 9 overs.

Saturday 2nd XI vs Liss 1st XI [Regional Div 3 North; 12/18
Hartley loss by 22 runs - Liss 142-10 off 41.3 overs, Hartley 120-10 off 41.2 overs.
Sukhdev Buttar 3-32 off 9 overs.

Saturday 3rd XI vs Basingstoke & North Hants 5th XI [4/17]

Hartley loss by 9 wickets - Hartley 112-10 off 42 overs, Basingstoke 113-1 off 33 overs.

Graham Selden 44*.

Sunday 2nd XI vs Reading Lawyers XI [Friendly]

Hartley loss by 66 runs - Reading 202-10 off 36.1 overs, Hartley 136-8 off 40 overs.

Mazar Toor 4-46 off 8 overs. Clint Mogridge 58*.

U15A vs Aldershot U15A
Hartley win by 49 runs - Hartley 146-5 off 20 overs, Aldershot 97-8 off 18.3 overs.
Matthew Rudd 53* ret.  Sam Gilley 3-20 off 4 overs.

U15A vs Odiham U15A
Hartley loss by 6 wickets - Hartley 87-8 off 17.1 overs, Odiham 88-4 off 18.2 overs.

U15A vs Basingstoke & North Hants U15A
Hartley win by 9 wickets - Basingstoke 55-9 off 11.5 overs, Hartley 57-1 off 7 overs.
Matthew Squirrel 3-13 off 3 overs, Harry Broderick 3-8 off 3 overs.

Girls U14 vs Cove U14
Hartley win by 3 wickets - Cove 108-6 off 15 overs, 109-4 off 9 overs.
Leanne Jackson 3-24 off 3 overs.  Olivia Payne 32* ret.

U13A vs Basingstoke & North Hants U13A
Hartley loss by 5 wickets - Hartley 112-10 off 20 overs, Basingstoke 113-4 18.5 overs.

U11A vs Eversley U11
Hartley loss by 35 runs - Eversley
132-4 off 15 overs, 97-8 overs.

U11B vs Medstead U11
Hartley win by 14 runs.

U9B vs Odiham & Greywell U9B
Hartley win.

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

Saturday 1st XI vs Sparsholt 1st XI [SPCL Div 2; 7/10]
Hartley overs win by 92 runs - Hartley 250-8 off 50 overs, Sparsholt 158-10 off 40 overs.
Patrick Joseph 86.  Rhys Batcup 3-36 off 9 overs, Thomas Garwood 3-50 off 9 overs.

Saturday 3rd XI vs Herriard XI [Regional Div 3 North; 4/17]
Hartley win - Hartley 143-10, Herriard 36-10.
Keasy Steele 77.  Darren Coppe 5-13 off 10 overs, Dan Nightingale 3-6 off 4.1 overs.

Sunday 2nd XI vs Hale Sunday 1st XI [Friendly]
Hartley win by 77 runs - Hartley 176-8 off 40 overs, Hale 99-10 off 31.3 overs.
Clint Mogridge 55.  Guy Cartwright 3-6 off 4 overs.

The final result suggested a convincing win for Sunday 2’s vs Hale CC and indeed it was in the end. However this was juxtaposed to the early exchanges in the match… typified by an almost business as usual batting performance.

Losing the toss HWCC were put into to bat on a Bramshill wicket still coming to terms with the recent deluges. Despite attempted diligence HWCC were 2 wickets down by the end of the 10th over with only 20 runs on the board, with Dan Bowles stumped uncharacteristically for 6 by wicket keeper who described himself as ‘a goalie slash wickie’. Happy days! 

Pack and Mogridge added a further 35 runs for the next wicket, Pack caught behind off a ball that swung a mile (according to the umpire!). Mogridge was rewarded with well-earned 55 who also shared a well nudged half century stand with James Darnell before Guy Cartright and Matt Ellis bludgeoned a quick fire 40 off the last 5 overs to leave HWCC at 176/7 at half time.

HWCC were uncharacteristically sharp in the field! All catches caught by outfielders and keepers alike supported with almost professional levels of backing-up.. This  almost certainly led to a sharp run out by Dan Nightingale whose misfiled prompted the batman to call for a second run, Dan’s direct hit left the bat flailing a good metre from safety.

The colts Nightingale, Darnell & Broderick provided the expected consistency with the ball from the pavilion end. The pleasant surprise was Ellis, Cartright, Mogridge and Pack from the far end (now known as the Mojo End) who all bowled with uncharacteristic consistency and accuracy. The pick being Cartright who delivered ‘Jug-Earning’ figures of 3 for 6 off 4 overs. 

Hale all out for 99 meaning victory for HWCC by 77 runs.

[Match report: James Pack]

U15B vs Aldershot U15B
Hartley loss by 5 wickets - Hartley 77-10 off 19 overs, Aldershot 78-5 off 16.2 overs.

U13A vs Rowledge U13A
Hartley win by 30 runs - Hartley 138-3 off 15 overs, Rowledge 108-3 off 15 overs.
Harry Broderick 30* ret, Harris Fairley 30* ret.

U13A vs Alton U13A
Hartley loss by 12 runs - Alton 106-7 off 20 overs, Hartley 94-7 off 20 overs.

U13B vs Kingsclere U13
Hartley win by 27 runs - Hartley 120-8 off 19 overs, Kingsclere 93-6 off 20 overs.
Alexander Binns 32* ret.

U11A vs Yately U11B
Hartley win by 10 wickets.

U11B vs Rowledge U11C
Hartley win by 17 runs - Hartley 114-5 off 20 overs, Rowledge 87-3 off 20 overs.

U10A Girls vs Aldershot U10A Girls
Hartley loss by 19 runs.


About Hartley Wintney Cricket Club, est. 1770

Hartley Wintney is one of the oldest and most beautifully sited cricket clubs in the country. 

The Club is a founder member of the Hampshire Cricket League - in which the Saturday 2nd and 3rd XIs compete - and the Three Counties Sunday Cricket League in which the 1st XI participates. Since  2002  the Saturday 1st XI have played in the Southern Electric Premier Cricket League. Our Sunday 2nd XI has a full programme of friendly fixtures. Friendly matches, evening limited-over knock-out games and a short tour of Cornwall in September are regular events. 

We have a strong youth section with boys teams at Under 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17, and girls teams at Under 12, 13, and 14, competing in the North Hampshire Cricket Development Association leagues.

Hartley Wintney is Clubmark-accredited and is an active participant in Chance to Shine, promoting and supporting cricket in local schools. The club is also a Hampshire Cricket Development Board Focus Club, with an active and ambitious plan for the future.

For several years running, we have hosted a Hampshire County Cricket Club XI match against our own 1st XI.  We also hold regular social events, many of which are publicised in the calendar above.

If you are interested in joining the Club, please contact our Team Secretary, Sam Hedges via email to  Contact details for all members of the Club's committee can be found in the "About Us" section of this web-site.

You can also follow us on social media:

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