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Tri-County T20 Tournament at HWCC Sunday 24th July

HWCC is in planning with the Hampshire Cricket Board and the ECB to host a T20 Triangular Tournament for the D40 Disability sides from Hampshire, Essex & Surrey.

Date: Sunday 24th July 2016

Time: Game times (approx) 09:30, 13:30, 16:30
Location: The Green, HW

After the fantastic show put on by the Hampshire D40 side back in May, this will be another chance to lend our support and enjoy some great cricket.

We will of course be grateful for any helpers on the ground crew, lunches & teas, etc. so please feel free to put your hand up and let us know you're there for us!  Every little helps, even if it is just making some sandwiches....

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

A second consecutive "Clean-Sweep Saturday" for the senior teams, and the junior section results are all wins as well!  Another three happy captains!

Three Caps 2

Saturday 1st XI vs Fawley 1st XI [SPCL Div 2]
Hartley win by 75 runs - Hartley 262-7 off 50 overs, Fawley 187-10 off 46.5 overs
Jack Hersh 86, Patrick Joseph 74.  Scott Baldwin 4-29 off 10 overs

Saturday 2nd XI vs Compton & Chandlers Ford XI [County Div 3 North]
Hartley win by 122 runs - Hartley 211-8, Compton & Chandlers Ford 89-10.
Louis Lynch 3-6, Ben Hyde 3-18

Saturday 3rd XI vs Holybourne 2nd XI[Regional Div 3 North]
Hartley win by 83 runs - Hartley 202-8 off 42 overs, Holybourne 119-10 off 32.3 overs
Great result against Holyborne this weekend. Battled to get max points superb opening stand of 135 between James Philpott (67) and Angus Brown (58) Angus'a second 50 in 2 weeks! Innings closed on 201 - 8 as we chased max batting points!. Superb opening bowling from James Darnell 6.3-2-15-2 and Dan Nightingale 5-0-13-1 which put early pressure onto Holybourne top order and set it up for Graham Seldon 10-0-40-4 and Kasey Steele 6-1-23-3. Played 5 won 4 and 4th in the league!
[Match report: Graham Jackson]

Girls U14 vs Yately Girls U14
Hartley win by 50 runs - Hartley 139-3 off 20 overs, Yately 89-7 off 18.2 overs
Gemma Lane 31* (ret).  Jade Hine 3-9 off 3 overs

U11A vs Hook & Newnham Basics U11A
Hartley won by 39 runs - Hartley 102-3 off 20 overs, Hook 63-5 off 20 overs
Ben Williams 37*

U11B vs Cove U11B
Hartley win by 6 runs

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

A "Clean-Sweep Saturday" for the senior teams, with three happy captains.

Three winning captains

Saturday 1st XI vs Bashley (Rydal) 2nd XI [SPCL Div 2 9th/10]
Hartley overs win by 11 runs - Hartley 298-6 off 50 overs, Bashley 287-8 off 50 overs.
Daniel Plume 68, Scott Baldwin 71, Jack Hersh 60*.  Scott Baldwin 3-35 off 10 overs.

Saturday 2nd XI vs Littleton & West Hill 1st XI [County Div 3 North 8th/18]
Hartley win by 71 runs - Hartley 123-10, Littleton 52-10.
Dan Bowles 57, Jonny Kerr 35.  Dev Buttar 4-21, Ben Hyde 4-20.

Saturday 3rd XI vs AWE Tadley 2nd XI [Regional Div 3 North 5th/17]
Hartley win by 97 runs - Hartley 234-9 off 42 overs, AWE 137-10 off 30.2 overs.
Angus Brown 66, Julian Ford 114*.  Thomas Millward 3-22 off 8 overs, Graham Selden 3-24 off 6 overs.

U15A vs Aldershot U15A
Hartley win by 6 wickets - Aldershot 109-6 off 20 overs, Hartley 110-4 off 170 overs.
Matthew Rudd 53*

U9A vs Hook & Newnham Basics U9A
Hartley loss by 56 runs.

U9B vs Old Basing U9
Hartley win.
Good game this evening HWCC win by circa 25 runs. Contribution from all boys, yet further improvement in all areas especially bowling
[James Pack]

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

Saturday 1st XI vs Paultons 1st XI [SPCL Div 2]
Hartley loss by 4 wickets - Hartley 243-8 off 50 overs, Paultons 244-6 off 47.1 overs.
Scott Baldwin 111.  Chris Saville 3-54 off 9.1 overs.

Saturday 2nd XI vs Hursley Park 2nd XI
[County Div 3 North]
Hartley loss by 4 runs - Hursley 187-10 off 44.2 overs, Hartley 183-10 off 44.5 overs.
Thomas Millward 4-30 off 9 overs, Dan Reynaldo 3-12 off 3.2 overs.  Matt Rudd 58*.

Saturday 3rd XI vs Colden Common
[Regional Div 3 North]
Hartley win.

Sunday 1st XI vs West Reading Friendly XI [Friendly]
Hartley win by 99 runs - Hartley 295-10 off 32 overs, West Reading 196-10 28.4 overs
Thomas Garwood 67, Paul Westfoot 73. 

Sunday 2nd XI vs Dogmersfield Sunday XI [Friendly]
Hartley loss - Dogmersfield 246-8 off 40 overs, Hartley 192-9 off 40 overs.
Andrew Davies 5-28 off 8 overs.  Mark Boston 55, Sander De Vries 41.

U15B vs Dogmersfield U15B
Hartley loss by 5 wickets.

U15B vs Basingstoke & North Hants U15B
Hartley win by 44 runs - Hartley 133-5 off 20 overs, Basingstoke 89-9 off 20 overs.
Toby Jackson 39*, George Cox 3-3 off 2 overs.

U13A vs Alton U13A
Hartley win by 22 runs.

U13A vs Odiham & Greywell U13A
Hartley loss by 9 wickets

U11A vs Kingsclere U11
Hartley win by 60 runs.

U9A vs Farnham U9
Hartley loss.

U9B vs Yately U9B
Hartley loss by 1 run.
The score indicates a very close game, played in a good spirit in the stunning St Neots grounds. There was a healthy mix of those with match experience and some enjoying just their second or third game, gaining an important opportunity to develop confidence. Really well done to everyone for playing with good concentration, lots of energy, good calling, backing up and encouragement for each other, and with smiles on your faces!
[Andrew Ewbank]

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

It may be that catches win matches, but centuries don't hurt either, and this weekend saw two of them from HW bats, and the junior section's strong performances continue as with previous weeks.

Saturday 1st XI vs Trojans 1st XI
Hartley loss by 152 runs - Trojans 279-5 off 50 overs, Hartley 127-10 off 37 overs.

Saturday 2nd XI vs Bishop's Waltham 2nd XI
Hartley loss by 8 runs - Bishop's 202-7 off 45 overs, Hartley 194-10 off 42.3 overs.

Saturday 3rd XI vs Ramsdell 2nd XI
Hartley win - Hartley 174-9 off 42 overs, Ramsdell 122-9 off 42 overs.
Dan Bowles 106*.  Angus Brown 3-36 off 10 overs, Dan Nightingale 2-5 off 5 overs, Graham Selden 2-31 off 10 overs.

Sunday 2nd XI vs "Hartley Wintney Legends" [Friendly]
Hartley (Sun 2s!) win.  Jon Puddifant 110.

U15A vs Oakley U15
Hartley win by 10 wkts

U13A vs Cove U13A
Hartley win by 80 runs - Hartley 128-5 off 15 overs, Cove 48-9 off 9.4 overs.
Harry Broderick 30*.  Freddie Band 4-4 off 2 overs.

U13A vs Eversley U13A
Hartley win by 27 runs - Hartley 127-4 off 20 overs, Eversley 100-8 off 16.4 overs.
Oliver Kirkpatrick 3-9 off 3 overs.

U11B vs Overton U11
Hartley win by 44 runs

U11B vs Fleet U11B
Hartley win by 45 runs

U9B vs Fleet U9A
Hartley loss by 50 runs

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

The rain unfortunately meant that no senior Saturday teams completed, or in some cases, even started their matches.  But there are still some other good results to report on.

Sunday 2nd XI vs Brasted Invicta 1st XI [Friendly; T20]
Hartley win - Brasted 107-4 off 20 overs, Hartley 108-6 off 19.3 overs
Another strong team effort, with Graham Selden 1-17 off 4 overs, Guy Cartwright 1-5 off 2 overs, Andrew Davies 1-12 off 4 overs.  Sander De Vries 33, Guy Cartwright 25, Matt Ellis 22.  (Dan Bowles and Naqi Sadiq also put in strong performances, but on loan to the opposition so that's all we're saying about them).

U15A vs Hook & Newnham Basics U15A
Hartley loss - Hartley 81-8 off 20 overs, Hook 82-4 off 17 overs.

U13B vs Basingstoke & North Hants U13B
Hartley win - Hartley 187-1 off 20 overs, Basingstoke 44-6 off 20 overs.

Girls U12 vs Basingstoke & North Hants Girls U12
Hartley win - Hartley 139-5 off 20 overs, Basingstoke 124-6 off 20 overs.
Beccy Jackson 40*, Scarlett Robson 2-9 off 2 overs.

U11A vs Alton U11A
Hartley win - Hartley 132-2 off 15 overs, Alton 71-7 off 15 overs.
James Hamment 31*, Ted Norris 32*.  Charlie Ivey 2-14 off 2 overs.

U11B vs Odiham & Greywell U11C
Hartley win - Hartley 88-2 off 20 overs, Odiham 58-13 off 20 overs.
Thomas Jarman 4-5 off 4 overs.

U9B vs Dogmersfield U9
Hartley loss - Dogmersfield 260-5 off 16 overs, Hartley 247-9 off 16 overs.
[Match report] It is a curious and, perhaps, unique feature of coaching junior cricket that as well as managing a team and educating players one also bears the responsibility of arbitrating in the matches played by one’s charges. I can think of no other mainstream junior sport where it is part and parcel of the coach’s role to referee his own team. It is a testament to the high regard in which the character of a cricketer is held by his fellow cricketer that the long observed principle of natural justice ‘nemo iudex in causa sua’ is deemed not to apply.
So it was that I had the good fortune both to manage the side and to stand as an umpire in the U9Bs match against Dogmersfield U9s on a grey Saturday morning. The vantage point of the umpire is unique. One can see the angle of the bowler’s front foot at delivery. The alignment and movement of the batsman immediately before and after playing a shot is clear and obvious. The sound of a bowler breaking wind in his delivery stride is unmistakable. I shall not name the bowler but there is a pretty decent clue to his surname in the Latin phrase above.
Dogmersfield won the toss and elected to bowl. The Hartley Wintney innings was a solid effort. A special mention for Ollie Steer who scored 21 and only lost his wicket to an outstanding delivery from Oliver, the Dogmersfield seamer, who looks to be a bowler of some talent. Ollie had previously struck a decent delivery from the same bowler through mid on for 4. As my old cricket coach, Budgie, used to say ‘only a good player can play that shot’. So well played, Ollie, although you clearly did not think much of your bat since it was left on the Dogmersfield outfield after play. It is in the kit bag to be collected at training on Friday evening.
Some solid play from the remainder of the batsmen,marred slightly by some sloppy running and communication, enabled Hartley Wintney to reach a respectable total of 247.
The mid morning cricket tea was nothing short of spectacular. A variety of sandwiches, pastries and cakes were on offer. The Hartley Wintney boys tucked in with gusto feasting exclusively on crisps and sweets. As Sam Snow’s father pointed out, truly a breakfast of champions. Unfortunately Dogmersfield ate a bit more breakfast than we did.
The Dogmersfield innings began in remarkable fashion with a great and proper bit of cricket. Ben ‘Bamboozle’ Davis delivered in his inimitable style a very nice line and length ball that was struck firmly to mid off. Griff Pretsell fielded and, on hearing some very clear calling from his teammates, threw down the stumps at the keeper’s end. One ball, one wicket, one for Philpott and Rowland’s excellent off-season indoor training.
There then followed some very competent bowling and fielding from the entire team. Sam Snow and Ollie Steer bowled with decent pace and direction. Alex Judge, Josh Payne and Griff Pretsell nagged at the batsmen and bowled few extras. Ben Davis continued to bamboozle and James Pearce-Molland stuck manfully to his task. Much credit should go to these latter two for their efforts.
3 overs to go. 19 runs to win. The Hartley Wintney boys had put themselves into a strong position to win. However breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
The Dogmersfield ground is surrounded by arable pastureland. And, just as the local wine should be drunk with the local cheese, so in a bucolic setting one should employ the agricultural rather than the orthodox stroke.The final Dogmersfield pair did that to great effect dispatching the ball down to square leg at every available opportunity and, frankly, every unavailable opportunity as well. A very tough time to bowl and the boys who took that responsibility did so manfully. 
The Dogmersfield innings closed on 260, a deserved win of 13 runs. Many thanks to Dogmersfield for being generous hosts and Steve, their coach, was very fair minded and typified how one ought to manage and umpire a match at this age and standard. All eight of the Hartley Wintney boys had represented their club impeccably and the club and parents should be proud of their efforts. The same effort next time, please, but with a win…

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

Saturday 1st XI vs Calmore Sports 1st XI [SPCL Div 2]
Hartley loss by 115 runs - Calmore 262-8 off 50 overs, Hartley 147 all out off 38.3 overs

Saturday 2nd XI vs OT's & Romsey 3rd XI [County Div 3 North]
Hartley loss by 44 runs.  James Philpott 36

[No Saturday 3rd XI game this w/e]

Sunday 2nd XI vs Farley Hill Friendly XI [Friendly]
Hartley win by 6 wickets - Farley Hill 189-6 off 40 overs, Hartley 190-4 off 38.4 overs.

An extremely competitive yet, as ever, friendly fixture and a complete performance from Hartley: tight bowling all round with deserved wickets for both our juniors, Adam Broderick and James Darnell, and a solid bowling debut for Matt Ellis, underscored by Sander De Vries with 2-12 off 8 overs.

Our top order then set about a careful chase, openers Damian Keep (33) & Matt Brown (57) with an opening 50 partnership, and a personal top score and powerful innings of 40 from Matt Hook leaving the middle order to finish the job with an over and a half to spare.

U13A vs Hook & Newham Basics U13A
Hartley loss

U13B vs Basingstoke & North Hants U13B
Hartley win

U13B vs Alton U13C
Hartley win

U11A vs Dogmersfield U11
Hartley win

U11B vs Odiham & Greywell U11C
Hartley win

U9A vs Hook & Eversley U9A
Hartley win

Hartley Wintney Summer Ball 2016

The Hartley Wintney Summer Ball is on Saturday 20th August 2016.  This year we're adding a bit of sparkle and some fantastic entertainment; it really will be a magical evening of glitz and glamour!

Tickets include:
  • Reception drinks and canapés to get you in the swing
  • A delicious four course meal
  • A brilliant band and disco to boogie the night away

Tickets are £75 each.  A deposit of £20 is payable with balances to follow.

If you would like to book some tickets or arrange a table (Min 8 people, max 12) then please fill out the attached form available from here and email to:

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

Saturday 1st XI vs South Wilts 2nd XI
Hartley loss - South Wilts 393-4 off 50 overs, Hartley 132-10 off 32.1 overs

Saturday 2nd XI vs Steep 1st XI
Hartley won - Hartley 205-8 off 45 overs, Steep 178-10 off 39.5 overs
Scott Baldwin 72*, Tim Soper 32*.  Scott Baldwin 28-5 off 10 overs, Tristan Gregory 3-17 off 6 overs

Saturday 3rd XI vs Eastern & Martyr Worthy 3rd XI
Hartley loss

Sunday 2nd XI vs Gustavus Talbotians [Friendly]
Hartley loss - Talbotians 297-5 off 40 overs, Hartley 235-10 off 38.3 overs
Ben Hine 2-52 off 8 overs on debut.  Daniel Bowles 97

U15A vs Odiham & Greywell U15A
Hartley win by 7 wkts

U15B vs Fleet U15
Hartley win by 3 wkts

U13A vs Basingstoke & North Hants U13A
Hartley win by 99 runs

U11A vs Old Basing U11
Hartley win by 69 runs

U11A vs Eversley U11B
Hartley win by 5 wkts

U11B vs Basingstoke & North Hants U11C
Hartley win by 19 runs

U9A vs Odiham & Greywell U9A
Hartley win

Match report for U13A:
The U13A opened their account in style on a baking hot May morning at May's Bounty.  After the openers had weathered some good initial Basingstoke bowling Josh Hazell, Harry Broderick and Bobby Wollen all batted aggressively and well to set Basingstoke a testing target of 165, and an outstanding team bowling performance defended it with ease.  After Harry Broderick knocked out the top order, Jamie Gilley was the pick of the bowlers taking three for five including one of Bobby Wollen's three stumpings. Focus, discipline and concentration characterised batting bowling and fielding -  a really good start to the league season.

John Kirkpatrick

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

Saturday 1st XI vs Peppard Stoke Row CC XI [Friendly]
Hartley win - Hartley 271-2 off 40 overs, PSR 245-6 off 40 overs.
Rex Porter 63*; Thomas Garwood 56; Daniel Plume 52*. Scott Baldwin 3-28; Sukdev Buttar 3-34.

Sunday 2nd XI vs Odiham & Greywell CC Sunday 2nd XI [Friendly]
Hartley win - Hartley 197-7 off 40 overs, Odiham 192-7 off 40 overs.
Sander De Vries 80.  Mark Boston 4-24 off 8 overs.  A fun, close match played in the right spirit, with valuable contributions from the whole team.

U9 A 311 v Basingstoke A 251
Hartley win

U9 B v Cove A
Hartley loss - but valuable experience gained

Cove Tournament report from Johnny Rowland
Despite the early morning drizzle, hundreds of children, families, grandparents, aunts, uncles and dogs descended on the oasis that is Cove Cricket ground for the annual U9 and U11 six-a-side tournament.
In the U9 category HWCC fielded three teams, demonstrating the youngsters' appetite for the beautiful game after a long wet winter.  The weather gods were kind and we got a full day's play!
The squads were duly assembled under the stewardship of James Pack, Jamie Pretsell and Johnny Rowland - and a big thank you to them for giving up their spectator role, in order to manage/stage manage their teams' early cricketing experiences.
A huge amount would have been learnt yesterday playing against different opposition, under match conditions, in a different format - but most of all, why we play this extraordinary game!  I expect most of your sons will remember a highlight or two from their day, a run out, a sliding stop, their first four, a wicket or a catch.  If they were really lucky, they may have felt the adrenaline rush of 'middling one to the boundary' or 'cleaning out middle stump'.  In which case folks, your son will be hooked.... guaranteed!
A Squad – Runners Up - Cup – Played 4, Won 2, Tied 1
B Squad – Semi Final – plate – Played 4, Won 1
C Squad – Group stage – Played 3, Won 1
All Squads – Key Areas to work on -
Non striker - BACK UP!
Non striker - call LOUDLY for a single if the wicketkeeper fumbles the ball. There is a run almost every time.
Batsmen - step towards the line of the ball.  Be positive.
Batsmen - calling, BE LOUD, BE POSITIVE.
Fielding - walking in EVERY you are on your toes and can react quickly to what the batsman does.
Fielding - backing up.
Bowling - shorter run ups gives more control to the bowling action, thus better accuracy
A great start to the season!!  Well done!

HWCC Weekly Results Round-up

Club Day
A great afternoon was had on Saturday.  There was a good mix of some old, some new and some younger faces.

Two games of 20 overs paired cricket were played and everyone joined in the good spirit of the format. Fancy colours were worn and not one person refused to wear them!

Club Day Hats 2016

Whilst it was a good opportunity to reacquaint with playing buddies, many of us were busy brushing off the cobwebs from the winter rest.  New members to the club joined in exceptionally well and there is a good feel about the club with lots of positive talk of things to come.

A huge thank-you must go out to our hard-working groundsmen over the recent weeks.  To prepare a great wicket in recent climes is hugely appreciated by all.

One last plea from me, is that players respond quickly to emails regarding availability.  This will help with an easier and a more efficient selection process.  A yes or no is required please.  This ultimately saves a phone call from Sam or a captain midweek.

Many thanks,

Sunday 2nd XI vs Royal Challengers CC, London - 1st XI [Friendly]
Hartley win - Royal Challengers 196-8 off 40 overs.  Hartley 197-5 off 38.3 overs.  Mark Boston 79, Damian Keep 60*.  Dan Bowles 3-20 off 8 overs.

It was a good game between two well-matched teams, and five Hartley batsmen scored at least as many runs as the temperature high (in Celsius) for the day.

Saturday 23rd April is Club Day

On Saturday 23rd April we have our annual Club Day. This is a great occasion for all senior players and up-and-coming colts to join in a friendly pre-season game or two of cricket.

We will look to wear our whites with similar coloured tops to last year.  So if you still have yours from last year please bring it along.  Black/Blue/Orange/Red Slazenger style.  If you can find it then your cost will only be £5 for the afternoon to include your food.

Please respond to Tim ( at your earliest convenience so he can start to draw up teams.  Please inform whether you'd like to play in one or two games.  Game 1 will start at 1.00pm and Game 2 at 4.00pm.

We'll aim to meet at 12pm to set up the ground and possibly warm up with some friendly fielding drills.

This should prove to be a fun afternoon with all abilities mixing and enjoying a beer or two afterwards. If you have a friend keen to join the club then they will be very welcome to come along too.

There will be a St. George's Day celebration BBQ in the evening too, so please do invite partners, friends and family to enjoy the afternoon and evening.

If you have any questions then email Tim, or post on the club Facebook page.

Tea makers for the 2016 season wanted!

Helpers are urgently needed for Cricket Tea Makers again this season; all volunteers gratefully received.

If you are able to make and serve a whole tea that would be fantastic, but just baking a cake or making a loaf of sandwiches would also be great.

The Tea Rota, with a list of dates and games is in the club kitchen, so please add your name.  There is also a quick guide for any new  tea makers in the "How do I...?" section of this website.

If you can help or need some advice, please contact Julie McCluskey on 07710 925 972.

Older news can be found here.
About Hartley Wintney Cricket Club, est. 1770

Hartley Wintney is one of the oldest and most beautifully sited cricket clubs in the country. 

The Club is a founder member of the Hampshire Cricket League - in which the Saturday 2nd and 3rd XIs compete - and the Three Counties Sunday Cricket League in which the 1st XI participates. Since  2002  the Saturday 1st XI have played in the Southern Electric Premier Cricket League. Our Sunday 2nd XI has a full programme of friendly fixtures. Friendly matches, evening limited-over knock-out games and a short tour of Cornwall in September are regular events. 

We have a strong youth section with boys teams at Under 9, 11, 13, 15 and 17, and girls teams at Under 12, 13, and 14, competing in the North Hampshire Cricket Development Association leagues.

Hartley Wintney is Clubmark-accredited and is an active participant in Chance to Shine, promoting and supporting cricket in local schools. The club is also a Hampshire Cricket Development Board Focus Club, with an active and ambitious plan for the future.

For several years running, we have hosted a Hampshire County Cricket Club XI match against our own 1st XI.  We also hold regular social events, many of which are publicised in the calendar above.

If you are interested in joining the Club, please contact our Team Secretary, Sam Hedges via his mobile: 07880 558129, or email him at  Contact details for all members of the Club's committee can be found in the "About Us" section of this web-site.

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